History of Africa HipHop Awards?

Over the years, working in different areas particularly media and communication has taken me to different countries particularly across Africa over the past decade.

And wherever you go, music is the center of attraction in uniting everyone regardless of their tribe, ethnicity, nationality, profession, and gender.

Music has given hope to thousands of people by being listeners, writers, producers, engineers, managers, content providers, and many other forms of beneficiaries. This is by no means why we hugely lucky to be talking about Africa Hip Hop Awards again since 2017 in 2021.

Firstly, we are grateful to the media and industry players for the support we have received so far since the official launch of Africa Hip – Hop Awards in Lusaka – Zambia on Saturday 1st July 2017.

Africa Hip – Hop Awards launch brought together endorsements from Africa’s legendary rapper, M.I, Ghana’s extraordinaire E.L, Navio from Uganda, Khaligraph from Kenya, heavily graced by South Africa’s Hip- Hop legend complimented by his wife, South Africa’s celebrated media guru, Lerato, MAMAs award winner 3rd Eye from Malawi, Oteya from Namibia, Cleo Ice Queen, Chef187, Chanda Mbao and Mic Burner from Zambia.

The Africa Hip- Hop Awards launch seemed like a homecoming event for many relevant hip-hop artistes; legendary status acclaimed, commercial visible in their current generation and purposefully relevant within their territories and market.

In the first six months after the launch, we worked on associating ourselves with relevant stakeholders and businesses and cordially created relationships with existing and credible music awards brands locally organized in individual countries like the Uganda Music Awards, South Africa Music Awards, Ghana Music Awards, The Headlines Nigeria, Zimbabwe Hip – Hop Awards, which has viably been organized successfully in Zimbabwe and widely held in Africa as a continental showpiece like Afrimma and MAMAs by Viacom / BET/MTV.

Platinum Events Productions Africa, a member of OATS Consultancy as Africa Hip- Hop Awards managed to travel, meet and form allegiance with unique industry players across the continent as representatives of AHA on mutually beneficial terms for the growth of the industry and continuously descended to do so under the watchdog of the brand, AHA, superficially extended its open hands and arms to people in different countries to embrace the opportunities in managing and serving as representatives of AHA.

Today, this has led to forming an incredible board of directors to run and manage the day-to-day affairs of AHA, ranking from all corners of the continent with Africa’s music at heart. I am highly optimistic of the skills and knowledge of the experienced, president, Hadja Kobele, and what her team brings into play in making this awards project, a year through the program centered on human building and capacity through music, social and innovative strategies.

In the year 2018, we organized a smashing development and production of AHA Rising Cypher, the Ghana Version, which was created and produced by an amazing Creative Director, Larry Oppong Attah. The piece attracted numerous viewers and received applause from the general music-loving populace practically on social media, which indeed has birthed one of the activities that AHA will be working it across different countries. A revamping motive we intend to continue and build upon by giving the platform for very talented so-called ‘underground” acts to be known and identified by the world and recognized by AHA.

It is a new phase after a long break to re-strategize and formulate new ideas, build a team and put structures in place to fully have a go at the formidable brand, packaged and reloaded with our intentions and activities to meet the very satisfactory demands of the various music lovers and hip-hop fans and industry players across Africa and beyond for the very best and benefit of the culture.

On Wednesday, 10th January 2018, with the help of then Zimbabwe AHA rep, Miss Kuda, now the Deputy Director of Communication for AHA, we hosted media houses and journalists in Zimbabwe, joined in live on our social media platforms by members in the fraternity across Africa and beyond at a press conference held at the News Café in Harare. That session gave me an the idea of how much fluidity is available for the growth of the industry should we become united in purpose.

Africa Hip Hop Awards is here to celebrate all the industry arts and players within the genre hip-hop with a compliment of other particular genres of music which adds value to a hip – hop piece in and beyond Africa with an African influence or residence.

As a project development and management consultant heading and acting as the CEO of the OATS Consultancy, the holding company for the organizers of AHA, Platinum Events Productions Africa (PEPA), and as the founder of the later PEPA, I wish to take AHA as a personal social development project just as OATS Consultancy is noted for to be working with community social organizations, human and social capacity donors, and other social welfare departments of various governments in African countries. It projects very dear to my heart and I believe and know that, with your support, we shall succeed now and many years to come.

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