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Who We Are

Africa HipHop is everything to us.

Platinum Events Africa Productions is a concept development, event management, advertising(marketing communications) company determined to provide the needed business, entertainment, humanitarian and social services to the African continent to satisfy the yearnings of every national.
Platinum Events Africa Productions operates in Zambia, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi and still counting by managing brands like Miss Zambia ,Uganda Music Awards, Face Of Idol Africa and now bringing out “AFRICA HIPHOP AWARDS”.

The AHA platform is a stage set to recognize the industry players, from the song idea conception through to the musician at the studio helped by the producer down to the loyal fan who plays the music by the promotion made by the marketer and DJs.
It is a COLLECTIVE effort and a unified fraternity which deserves all the accolades.
We will USE this medium to promote new talents and provide the platform for emerging artistes. These acts would be both African nationals and internationals, plying their talents outside Africa whose masterpieces of creativity has thrilled, entertained and positively imparted the social and cultural landscape of the African entertainment industry.
We will reward and recognize DJs who manipulate turntables, controllers or CD decks with innovative skills with hip-hop and music at heart.
Hip Hop is also the beat makers. Without them the rappers would have not footing, presence or relevance.
Hip-Hip is about fashion and attire. We will acknowledge African urban designers.
Hip Hip is about street art which is translated to album/single art covers, t-shirts, posters and internet digital campaigns. We will reward and praise these changers of the game.
Our Africa Hip Hop Awards is about activism, journalism and educating the masses. We will recognize these people who make a difference in Hip Hop,,, in the continent of Africa.